Update v1.1

Version 1.1 change-log (post-jam)


Downloads (Google Drive): Windows / Linux


Downloads (Google Drive): Windows / Linux

  • Update background image, less distracting.
  • Level, textures, settings adjustments.


Downloads (Google Drive): Windows / Linux

  • Add a player death counter, which is printed to the console at regular intervals.
  • Improve performance from previous version.
  • Bug fixes, level adjustments, settings tweaks.


Downloads (Google Drive): Windows / Linux

  • Change settings to be more low-gravity and feel more like space.
  • Add a hover mechanic, where the player can hold down the jump button to slowly hover downwards for the space-y gravity sections.
    #14 Add proper hover
  • Add four proper levels, each for a different difficulty, from easy absurd.
    Starts with the easy level and goes to the next difficulty when the level is beaten.
  • Add savefile system.
    When you hit a checkpoint your progress is saved to a savefile, which is loaded when you start the game.
    #17 Persistent savefile
  • Add red-rectangle ("programmer art") sprites for enemies.
    #11 Add no_sprite animations for enemies
  • Adjust animations.
  • Bug fixes.


[post-jam] Working Title v1.1.3 (Windows) 7 MB
Nov 03, 2019
[post-jam] Working Title v1.1.3 (Linux) 10 MB
Nov 03, 2019
[post-jam] Working Title (Windows) v1.1.2 7 MB
Oct 31, 2019
[post-jam] Working Title (Linux) v1.1.2 10 MB
Oct 31, 2019
[post-jam] ld45-working-title-windows-1.1.1.zip 7 MB
Oct 30, 2019
[post-jam] ld45-working-title-linux-1.1.1.zip 10 MB
Oct 30, 2019

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